Imagine if you could create an ongoing residual income...

as little, or as large as you are willing to work for … 
and, if along the way, help your local Home, Hobby, Micro and Small Businesses and even learn a little about cryptocurrency…

Speaking of Cryptocurrency

Do you remember what
happened with Bitcoin?

In 2010 you would have paid only €0.07 per Bitcoin, so €5 would have bought you about 70 Bitcoin…And Today, EVEN after the so called 2018 crash to €2800, it would be worth over €196,000!


It could start for you with being given €5 or Loyalty Credits to spend in a business directory mobile app.

You can earn even more by giving €5 or Loyalty Credits away to your friends and connections.


Ok, it is not quite that simple...


What does this mobile app do?

This FREE app lets you search for local businesses offering exclusive discounts, specials and we give you €5 to spend.



Spend your FREE €5 with a business in the directory…




Share the FREE business directory app with your friends



...get €5 for each of your friends who spends their €5


Many businesses would love to accept cryptocurrencies

like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or our Loyalty Credits

That is what we do!

It gets better…

If you decide to go further and introduce local shops who increase their sales by buying a directory listing in our app, and by accessing our exclusive user community of cash & crypto ready customers, you can earn a small percentage of sales made at this shop through the app in € or Loyalty Credits for 5 years!

On top of all this…

We Reward Loyalty

Our loyalty program allows you to simply upload a picture of your receipts in the app for purchases you make at a participating businesses, and you will get a bonus of 0.5% cashback in Loyalty Credits.


Learn to build a team of like-minded people

and you can make money and accumulate Loyalty Credits from everyone’s efforts in our industry-disrupting Binary Compensation plan.

Would this be worth 5 minutes and 23
seconds of your time to learn more?